Takara Belmont:
dal 1921 sinonimo
di affidabilità e

Belmont nasce nel 1967 in Giappone come divisione dentale del gruppo Takara Belmont, fondato nel 1921 e tra i leader mondiali nelle attrezzature beauty & wellness di alta gamma. Da allora il brand Belmont si è distinto per la creazione di prodotti per i dentisti unici, innovativi e altamente qualificati, in particolare nel segmento dei riuniti odontoiatrici  dove si posiziona tra i primi produttori al mondo. Puntando all’eccellenza con una costante attenzione al futuro degli studi dentistici ed odontoiatrici, Belmont sviluppa riuniti per  offrire innovazioni tecnologiche con un occhio attento al design. L’affidabilità e la solidità costruttiva sono gli ingredienti del suo successo, sintetizzati nel claim “Made by hand and mind, in Japan” che accompagna tutta la comunicazione Belmont.

Vocazione e impegno

Belmont è il brand di riuniti noto per essere il punto di riferimento dell’industria dentale e medica in termini di affidabilità e innovazione. Alla base di questa reputazione c’è l’impegno costante di rendere la vita delle persone più facile e più sana, attraverso prodotti e servizi che garantiscono comfort e sicurezza per il paziente e, prima ancora, per i dentisti.

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners
TAKARA BELMONT celebrates its 100th anniversary on October 5, 2021. It is because of all the parties involved in the hairdressing and beauty industry, dental and medical industry—including our customers, distributors and business partners in the world—that we can celebrate this milestone.
We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has used our products and felt in tune with our spirit of manufacturing, while walking together with us and showing us what improvements are needed.

Our company started its business as a foundry 100 years ago in an industrial area along the Kizu River in Nishinari, Osaka.

Ten years later, we changed our main business line from the manufacture of cast parts for daily essentials such as clay charcoal stoves to the manufacture of barber chairs.

This bold challenge led to build and strengthen the foundation of our current business.

While we faced changing times and suffered from many natural disasters, we joined forces with our group companies to expand our business under the motto of “Supporting the beauty and health of people” and have grown into a company that sells its products not only in Japan, but also in more than 120 countries around the world.

Today, the world has changed drastically due to the coronavirus pandemic. While many industries are making a digital shift, not all operations can be handled online in the hairdressing & beauty industry and the dental and medical industry.

These are industries where physical contact is the reality of the professional workplace. In this difficult age where there is no one correct answer, we realized anew that our mission is to pursue how we can support the real, touchable workplace. Nothing can replace the warmth that is produced by human touch. We will make every effort to continue to uphold this most important, enduring value and be a partner who creates the future together with professionals in the hairdressing & beauty, dental and medical industries.

As a manufacturing company in an industry that supports people’s lives, we launched a new project to realize a sustainable society. While aiming to achieve zero waste in our business, we will also focus on providing manufacturing education to children and contributing to the
community that has helped us grow.
It is a universal value to live and enjoy a beautiful life. We will continue our business and social contribution activities over the next 100 years toward a better tomorrow and the realization of a beautiful life for our customers, partners, and everyone in society.”

Hidetaka Yoshikawa